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  • sex and juicing
    Sex and Juicing

    How to Get Those Juices Flowing- Literally and … er, Sexually Juicing, for all its aura of purity, can be a provocative and chaotic topic, quickly whipping up storms...

    • 10/06/2015
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  • clea
    A Juiceful Juicing Cleanse

    You really believe a juicing cleanse is going to help you out? It might, however get your rear-end ready for some abuse, because your “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'”.  ...

    • 10/06/2015
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  • lemon-juice-and-acne
    Why You Should Use Lemons When Juicing

    Why You Should Use Lemons When Juicing Lemons are among the most popular fruits used for juicing because lemons have so many vitamins and nutrients that are essential to...

    • 10/06/2015
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  • kale benefits
    The Juicing Kale Journal

    There are all kinds of options available to you when you are looking into juicing fruits and vegetables. Many people choose some of the simple basics, such as spinach,...

    • 08/27/2015
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  • A new Year A New You, fatty.
    Juicing for Weight Loss

    Hey fatty trying to lose some weight? You’re starting off at a good place, just leave the donuts be. I was always slim growing up and yes I was the douche-bag who...

    • 01/02/2015
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  • stupid
    Juicing for Health is So Stupid

    Why would anyone Juice for health? ” I’m Juicing for health” Has to be the most repulsive phrase a juicer can muster together. People ask me why I juice, because “Sex...

    • 01/02/2015
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  • Juicing benefits
    Juicing Benefits That Everyone Keeps Telling You About!

    Honestly I get sick and tired of telling everyone how beneficial juicing is. In this life you either do what you need to do or you don’t, It’s really...

    • 01/02/2015
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  • beet juice
    Juicing Beets Was a Terrible Idea and Here’s Why

    New Years Is Almost here! The time of year, where we all decide to try and better ourselves however eventually bacon seems to corner us back to the way...

    • 12/30/2014
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  • Juiceful review on the Breville BJE200XL
    Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain: Small size but big offerings

    If you are looking for a small juicer but large benefits and huge offerings then the product required to satiate your need is Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain.

    • 05/08/2014
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  • age 100 juicing
    Ten ways Juicing Can Help You Live to 100

    Everyone wants to live longer, juicing promotes vitality in many folks! Unless your were able to find the hidden fountain of Youth, Stick to juicing.  There are various ways...

    • 05/08/2014
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