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Juicing Responsibly

By on 07/30/2013

To avoid the negative

You shouldn’t stop eating food, try to maintain a well balanced diet.

Use common sense, Don’t run 3 pounds of produce through a juicer and drink it in one shot.

Fruit juice is pretty high in sugar, use common sense while consuming fruit juice or just check out Juiceful recipes.

When buying a juicer stay away from the instructions you get out of the box, the juicer company is trying to sell you a juicer so they will say anything and everything to get you to buy/keep that juicer.

You should consult a doctor when juicing, but more so when you’re pregnant, you don’t want to cause yourself a problematic pregnancy.

Start juicing slow the kamikaze attitude most have isn’t going to make your problems go away over night and might actually add new ones. Drinking too much of a good thing too fast is always a bad idea. Use common sense.

Anything worth doing in life is through perseverance and hard work, the same goes for juicing. Take your time, allow your body to get adjusted, and live the healthy life that you deserve.

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