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Sex and Juicing

By on 10/06/2015

It’s All About Balance 

Okay, the first thing you have to understand about juicing and your body is that nothing dramatic is going to happen unless the juicing is an actual lifestyle change. Someone who already eats a lot of vegetables and has the smooth, automated bodily functions to prove it, probably won’t see a lot of change. On the other hand, if your garbage contains more plastic and shiny aluminum than ugly lettuce leaves and the tips of phallic veggies, then chances are, you are going to feel great after getting some juice in that body. Hell, you’re going to feel like you can do anything, including your partner- way more often. The thing is, juicing doesn’t have to be fancy. As long as it promotes a positive change in your nutrition, you are going to feel balanced, and balanced is a healthy way to feel. Juicing is very simple to understand, there’s no trick aspect. You are simply looking at the nutritional holes in your diet and filling them with the juice containing those ingredients. You don’t juice mindlessly, you juice because it is an effective solution to getting the nutrients you’ve been neglecting into your diet. So how does having a balanced diet help your sex life? Simple: Your body loves being in a state of balance and performs at its best when it is in this state- this improves the quality of everything in your life, sex included.

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