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Sex and Juicing

By on 10/06/2015

Your Body on Juice

If body image is not part of your sexual woes, then by all means skip this section. Let’s get real-  if you want to have more sex, if  you want to improve the quality of sex, or just want to feel good about sex in general, the appearance of your body does matter. Oh, I see you frantically grasping for a defense- that’s your ego. You and I both know those body acceptance quotes never made you feel any better. Excused, yes. But not better. If this train of thought seems shallow to you, then you’re probably not part of the 52 percent of women and growing number of men, who have deep issues with sex simply because they don’t feel comfortable in the size and shape of their body.  So what does juicing have to do with all of this? It’s a valuable tool for improving your diet. And believe it or not, a healthy diet leads to a healthy body which you’ll be comfortable showing off in the bedroom.


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