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Sex and Juicing

By on 10/06/2015

Infuse Yourself

If you’re going to trust the opinion of anybody on the subject of palatable sex-fluids, it should be Annie Sprinkle’s, a porn actress who’s semen sampling has given clean eating a whole new fan base. According to Sprinkle (and thousands of internet discussions) vegetarians produce the tastiest ejaculations, as do those who consume fruit juice (apple and pineapple are favorites) a couple of hours before getting down. As with everything we’ve discussed juicing-wise, the main factor is overall health. A person who avoids processed foods and eats a balanced diet is likely to reflect that health in various ways, including personal flavor. So supplement your diet with juice for general health and on those special occasions, a double treat yourself to a pineapple/apple concoction- the gift that keeps on giving.


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