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5 Facts About Juicing That Everyone Needs to Know

By on 07/30/2013
facts on juicing

Five facts about juicing that we all should have learned before getting into it!

Fact: Cheap/Used Juicers do the same as a $300+ Juicer
All juicers are meant do the the same thing, Juice what ever you put into it. Most new juicers buy a expensive machine like the Breville and it ends up collecting dust in a corner after a week of use. Why do we juice, so we can consume something that the local supermarket wouldn’t be able to provide, (Unless your eating raw fruits and veggies 24/7). Look for a machine that can juice hard vegetables like beets,potatoes,abd carrots, which many reciepes require. Make sure the area where you put in the produce is large enough for most vegetables and fruits, Cut up the fruits in order to help your machine especially if it’s alittle underpowered.But overall i suggest you first get your feet wet with juicing, borrow a juicer from a friend or a family member, if you feel you can incorperate juicing into your lifestyle then go and buy a machine that fits your hearts desire. Other wise just keep it super simple, Your jucing not building a fighter jet, don’t over complicate jucing.

Fact: Your body is able to absorb more nutrients from Juice
This is relatively true, however over juicing or not juicing responsibly might cause problems for some. You’re drinking concentrated nutrition, don’t over do it. The fiber that generally gets filtered out is important too, it helps maintain a proerply functioning digestive system. You need fiber to poop, You want to poop right?

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