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5 Facts About Juicing That Everyone Needs to Know

By on 07/30/2013
facts on juicing

Fact:Juicing helps you lose weight
Juice or juicing is not a magic bullet, you can’t just drink a gallon of juice and expect to lose 20 pounds over night. Vegitables have calories too, juicing and not eating right or exercising isn’t going help you in anyway.If you have a 500 calorie breakfast and supliment that with a 300ml glass of juice that will result in having a 1000 calorie breakfast. But if you have half the normal servings during any meal and have a glass of juice with your meal then you might be able to get somewhere. But without excersie your still not going to get pretty far so get out there and run, fatty.

Fact: Juicing is fast and easy
Juicing is a huge time saver, especially if your juice fasting. You don’t have to worry about food planning, shopping or cooking. Just run your recipe through the juicer and glup it down. Now for those who aren’t juice fasting, juicing is still pretty fast and easy most new machines are very easy to clean and create your yummy juice in mere seconds.

Fact: Juicing with a balanced diet is safe and affective
Juicing without eating, especially if it’s your first time, is well moronic. I mean you can’t just take something you don’t usually eat alot of and order your body to just run on that.If you force your body to do something it doesn’t want it’s going to end badly. So you start off slow, a small glass here and there after or before your usual meals generally does a whole lot to the welfare of your system, more than eating a pound of ribs and washing it down with beer.

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