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A Juiceful Workout

By on 08/10/2013

This recipe was recommended to us by a user via his personal trainer and is a great pre workout juice,  it should give you the boost your looking for during your workout. The ingredients are simple and easy to find, tastes great!

  • Apple – 1 large (3-1/4″ dia)
  • Carrots – 2 large (7-1/4″ to 8-/1/2″ long)
  • Celery – 2 stalk, large (11″-12″ long)
  • Cucumber – 1/2 cucumber (8-1/4″)
  • Spinach – 2 cup
  • Spirulina (dried) – 2 teaspoon


Run all the ingredients through the juicer and add the Spirulina to the glass first. Running the powdered spirulina through the juicer isn’t going to end well so add that to the glass first then add your juice from the juicer, mix well and enjoy! As i mentioned before you can drink this as a pre workout juice or as a workout juice that can be taken after your workout, that depends on your personal preference!


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Ash and Mike are big timer juicers since 2011. We love everything about juicing...except of course for the cleanup. We're hoping you'll learn some new things about your juicing routine through our blog. From what to juice to where to get supplies cheap to cleanup tips, we're here to help you get the most from your juiceful experience.

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