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The posts on Juiceful.com is strictly educational in nature and not to be used as specific health or medical advice. The information contained within this book is not meant to be used as treatment or diagnosis for any health related problem.

The author is not responsible for any unfavorable reactions to recommendations contained herein.

Due to the fact that each person and situation is unique, the publisher encourages you to check with a qualified health care professional before you begin to incorporate juicing into your daily routine.

The information contained within Juiceful is not medical advice nor is it meant to be.

Readers should seek professional advice, preferably from a holistic doctor, before initiating any of the advice contained within this web site.

When you are Juicing, you are drinking a concentrated form of the vegetable and/or fruit, Thus the nutrients are released into the bloodstream a lot faster. This is especially true for sugar.

Therefore, if you have any health related problems especially sugar related health problems, then you may want to consult your medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, etc. before juicing.

Also consult your health care professional if you are on medication as some fruits and/or vegetables may conflict with your medication.

Juiceful.com and Juiceful staff, are no shape or form liable with any problems that juicing may cause your body, Discretion while juicing is advised!

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