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Green Juicing 101 – Don’t Make these Common Green Juicing Mistakes

By on 05/05/2014
The do's and don'ts of juicing


Green Juicing 101 – Don’t Make these Common Green Juicing Mistakes


Are you all about green juicing lately? You probably have already set a plan for your juicing habits. However, feeling good about this radical, yet very healthy change in your life is not enough; in other words, making and drinking your own green juice does not necessarily mean that you are doing it properly.


Fortunately, it is not too late for you to learn whether or not you are making any mistakes. To help you out, we have come up with this green juicing 101 guide that can serve as a reminder for you not to make the most common mistakes.


Common Green Juicing Mistake No. 1:

Drinking the Juice after Eating


Do you drink your green juice after you have eaten a meal? If so, then you probably experienced a heartburn episode afterwards. This is because you should only drink your green juice on an empty stomach. Not only does drinking the extract after having taken a meal defeat the entire purpose of juicing; it can also result in digestive issues like heartburns.


The main reason as to why you should only drink the juice on an empty stomach is because this allows the vitamins, the minerals, and the phytonutrients that the juice contains to enter your bloodstream directly. When you already have food inside your stomach (especially food that has fiber in it), your digestive system prevents your body from easily absorbing the juice’s nutrients. In the event that you forgot this green juicing 101 rule, you can always drink the extract afterwards; just wait for at least 2 hours after you’ve eaten.


Common Green Juicing Mistake No. 2:

Drinking the Juice after Overexposure to Air


If you did a bit of research on how to juice properly, then you probably have read articles saying that you should not wait too long before you drink the liquid you have extracted from your green veggies. If the articles you have encountered do not explain why this should be the case, then let us be the ones to discuss this with you.


Basically, right after you have juiced your greens, air will be introduced to it. During this time, the live enzymes in the extract start to degrade. The degrading process affects the overall nutritional content of the juice – it becomes significantly reduced. You can actually try an experiment on your own to see the effects of drinking freshly made juice right away from drinking one that has been exposed to air for hours or even just minutes. When you drink the freshly extracted liquid right away, you will notice that your energy levels will immediately go up. This will not happen to you when you drink older juice.


It is for this reason that you should know about the basics of juicing correctly, or you will not be able to enjoy the benefits that green juice can deliver. In a nutshell, you should not wait too long before taking your green juice; it is recommended that you drink it within around 15 minutes after you have made it. Depending on the kind of juicer that you use, you can still save the juice for a later time though. Here is a guideline that you can follow if you need to store the juice:


•          Slow Masticating or Twin Gear Juicers – The juice can be placed in an airtight container (make sure that you fill it up so that there is no air in between the cover and the juice). You can keep it up to around 24 to 36 hours.


•          Press Juicer – Same goes for the storage practice, but the juice extracted through this type of equipment can be stored up to about 72 hours.


Common Green Juicing Mistake No. 3:

Combining the Green Juice with Too Many Other Ingredients


Another very common mistake that a lot of people commit when they juice is to use too many other ingredients, particularly sweet fruits as well as vegetables. While it is true that watermelon, carrots, apples, and pears are extremely nutritious when eaten whole, the juice that is extracted from these fruits and veggies contains a higher level of fructose and sugar. This can result in your insulin levels rising drastically, which can then lead to hunger, craving, and overall weight gain.


What you can do instead is to follow this juicing 101 guideline: to add a bit of sweetness to your green juice, you can add one sweet fruit or vegetable, such as a green apple. You still need to supply your body with fructose and sugar, as this will be your main source of energy. However, you should always ensure that you control it, or you will not be able to reach your main goal, which is to juicing to lose weight fast.


Common Green Juicing Mistake No. 4:

Considering Green Juice as a Meal


There are also a lot of people who use juicing to lose weight naturally but consider the juice as a meal replacement. This should never be the case unless you are really fasting or taking the juice as a form of snack. You should not look at juice as a replacement for a balanced meal; rather, you should consider it as a snack or a meal enhancer. Juicing the right way means that you drink it how you would take a supplement: at least 20 minutes before eating a complete and well balanced meal.


Common Green Juicing Mistake No. 5:

Juicing the Same Vegetable Again and Again


Last, but not least in this juicing 101 guideline is to explore your many different options. In other words, you should use a variety of fruits and vegetables to make your green juice.


You should not limit yourself to just kale, cabbage, or spinach. What you need to do is to rotate the greens you use in your juice every week so that you can avoid having to deal with oxalic acid build up, something that can negatively impact your thyroid gland. In addition, using a variety of ingredients in your juice will also ensure that your body receives the balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs.

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