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Juicing Cannabis?

By on 05/06/2014
Juice cannabis

I have been wanting to write about how juicing cannabis can be great for you!
I guess now’s the chance!

For many people juicing has become a regular way of life and provides the means for many to live a healthier lifestyle. There are many positive aspects to juicing fruits and vegetables of all kinds and it can help lead you on a pathway to much better health and it has even been known to assist in weight loss. While there are many different fruits and vegetables that are viable options for you when it comes to juicing, one that has caused some controversy over recent times involves the use of cannabis. While still illegal in many states and under federal United States law, there are some areas in the country where cannabis use is legal, making it easier for people to get it. There have also been a number of studies and trends that have shown that juicing cannabis can provide you with a number of benefits many are unaware of.

Many people automatically make the association of cannabis with marijuana and the psychedelic effects that it can be produce when smoked or ingested in certain ways and do not think of anything beyond that. However, cannabis in its raw form has been shown to be effective for a number of health reasons and has been proven to be a very therapeutic approach to certain diseases. Recent studies have shown that it can be used as effective treatment in this manner, giving rise to more physicians and others to start recommending that cannabis be used in its raw form more often.

In its raw state, cannabis buds and leaves are not considered to be psychotropic or psychoactive at all. It is only when introduced to heat that the THC within the cannabis is released, the chemical that is most closely associated with the “high” effects that many associate with marijuana. The raw form of the plant is well known to have several medicinal qualities that make it an ideal candidate for juicing. For one, the plant is known to be rich in antioxidants. More and more today doctors are insisting that antioxidants are an important part of any diet and they can help in reducing high blood pressure, heart disease risks and even help to prevent some forms of cancer. If you are able to get these protections through the use of juice created with cannabis it can be very beneficial to you.

There are many patients who are currently undergoing treatment for various types of cancer that use cannabis or marijuana as part of their medical treatment. For patients in this position, juicing the cannabis plant provides a very effective alternative to smoking. In fact, there are some in the medical community who insist that juicing cannabis offers the best use of the plant when it comes to therapeutic treatments of any kind. Dr. William Courtney, a physician in California, is well-known proponent and advocate of this method and has spoken out many times and the positive effects of juicing cannabis, using his wife, a long-time sufferer of lupus, as a prime example as she has shown marked improvement in her condition since ingesting the juices of the plant regularly.

The juice has been shown to be very effective with those who have compromised immune systems or autoimmune disorders such as lupus or cancer. The plant contains cannabidiols, or CBDs, which have been known to work on receptors, something that the human body has that help to regulate things such as immune functions, bone functions and nerve functions. When someone is sick, the natural receptors in the body are not working properly or acting irregularly, particular in the case of autoimmune disorders. The CBDs that are part of the cannabis and thus in the juice ingested work on these receptors to help bring them back into balance, creating a communication between the CBDs and the receptors to help them to function in a more proper manner.

The reason juicing is a more preferred method for ingesting cannabis is because of the extraction method that is the functional part of juicing itself. When a fruit or vegetable is juiced, it is pressed tightly and cannabis is considered a vegetable plant and can be treated the same way. Juicing the cannabis will extract all of the liquid and the cannabinoids that are the nutrients of the plant. You can get more of pulverized in order to extract both all of the liquid from the produce and all of the nutrients. Like other plants, them through the juicing process, giving you more of the benefits of the plant itself in the process. Because the plant is known to have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to go along with the method in which it can protect and help nerve function, the plant can act as an excellent part of preventative medication.

Cannabis that has been juiced can also be an excellent dietary supplement for the same reasons. All of the properties of the plant can be incorporated into your juice as part of a regular diet so that you can get the medicinal benefits of the plant without it having to be heated, avoiding all of the psychotropic effects that come along with that part of the process. The cannabis could be combined with other vegetables to create a juice for yourself that you could make as part of your routine to help you live a healthier lie and gain the benefits of all of the vegetables.

There is still a great deal of research that is being performed on the effects of juicing cannabis and how it can help. There have been conflicting reports and data and some studies show that while it may be effective as a treatment of chronic illness and as a dietary supplement, it is still not proven to be effective as a pain reliever for patients like the heated version of cannabis can be. While more studies may need to be performed at this time, it is certain that using cannabis as part of a juicing regimen can certainly have significant health benefits to people.

Here is a Cannabis Juicing Recipe

Strawberry Bud

  1.  Take a handful of strawberries and 2 bananas and run them through your juicer.
  2.  Rinse, soak and remove the stems from the marijuana plant. Rinse the leaves again. (Soak overnight if the leaves might have been sprayed by anything chemical.)
  3. Add the juice from the fruits you juiced into your blender and “liquefy” .
  4.  Enjoy!


If you have any recipes, tips or trick on Juicing Cannabis comment bellow or send us an email, we’d love to hear your suggestions!


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