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By on 08/27/2015

There are all kinds of options available to you when you are looking into juicing fruits and vegetables. Many people choose some of the simple basics, such as spinach, apples, citrus fruit and so on as juices they drink on a regular basis to help them with their overall health. One food that has begun to achieve some recognition and prominence in recent years is kale. More and more studies show kale as something of a “superfood,” meaning it has a great deal of characteristics that can be highly beneficial to those who eat it. This has caused many people to try incorporating it into their lives as much as possible, including juicing kale, something that has become very popular in recent times.

The benefits of Kale.

The benefits of Kale.

Kale is a leafy green vegetable, has never really been given much consideration through the years. The idea of having kale juice to some people is just downright repulsive. Kale is known to have a bitter taste and can be on something of the bland side when simply eaten by itself. Many people automatically make this association and do not even give kale a second thought after that, eliminating it as a possibility for something to add to their diet. However, kale is incredibly rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, making it a food that can be great for you on many levels. This can create something of a conundrum for people. If something is so good for you but does not taste great to many people, what is the best way to go about ingesting it so you can get the benefits of it?

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This is where juicing can come in for you. For a long time, juicing has been seen as the perfect way for you to introduce more servings of fruits and vegetables into your diet without having to eat parts of the produce that many do not like. For some people, it is simply a texture issue with kale. It does not feel good to it, much in the same way many do not like to eat peaches because of the fuzzy skin, raspberries because of the seeds or other vegetables because of their texture. When you are juicing an item you are simply extracting all of the water and nutrients from the produce, leaving the rest of the fiber, skin, seeds and anything else behind. These are often the parts of the fruits and vegetables that are hard to digest and make people not like them. If you can ingest your kale in this same manner, you can get all of the benefits from it without having to deal with some of the characteristics that turn many people off from it.

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Kale has an incredible amount of health benefits. It is known to be very rich in iron, much like spinach. This makes it very important for those who may suffer from low iron deficiency, or anemia or have other issues with iron. Regular ingestion of the kale can help you get your recommended amounts of iron. It is also very rich in vitamins A, C and K. These are all important vitamins you need to have to assist you with your vision, to help in blood clotting and strengthen your immune system and help you fight cardiovascular disease. Kale is also rich in calcium, which helps you with bone strength, something that is increasingly important for women as they get older and deal with issues such as osteoporosis.


There are also minerals that are part of kale that can be essential to keeping your bad cholesterol low, something that can when elevated can cause problems with your heart and put you at higher risks for heart attacks and strokes. Finally, kale can be a big part of helping your overall digestion system and be a part of any weight loss regimen. The kale can help you to cleanse your body of toxins that may be in your body and ease the digestive process for you, making digestion easier and more efficient. For this reason, juicing kale can make an ideal meal replacement for a lunch or breakfast, as it will give you the feeling of being full and work wonders with your body to help with weight loss.


Juicing has proven to be the most effective to get the quality nutrients out of green vegetables, and you can combine your kale with other vegetables and fruit to vary the taste and flavor. Try using it with carrots, celery, apples, pears or other fruits and vegetables that you may really enjoy. There are a couple of things you are going to want to remember however when you are juicing kale. First, you do not want to use too many sweet fruits or vegetables. Remember that when you are juicing, you are extracting and concentrating the liquid you receive. This means that sweet fruits are going to provide you with higher concentrated amounts of natural sugars. While having some once in a while is not a problem, having them regularly can lead to issues with sugar levels and spikes, a problem if you are dealing with issues of diabetes or if you do not like the mood swings or energy crashes you can get when coming down from a sugar rush. Also, it is a good idea to vary the leafy greens that you use regularly so you get a good mix and do not get a buildup of oxalic acid, which can lead to thyroid problems for you.


Juicing kale is a great way to get a wonderful vegetable into your regular diet so you can get all of the benefits from it. Remember that you should approach juices as a supplement to your diet and not as a meal replacement unless you going through a cleansing regimen. You should also check with your doctor to make sure there are no issues with any medications or anything else with your body before you begin juicing anything like kale or anything else on a regular basis. After that, you can then enjoy all of the benefits you will receive from your juices.

So get Addicted To Juicing Kale :).

So get Addicted To Juicing Kale :).


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