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Juicing Kicks Medical Butt- Spring Fever Edition

By on 04/25/2014
Spring fever fatigue

Should you be replace your Meds with juicing? NO.
Can you? Probably not.
Can you prevent yourself from getting sick and not having to take any medications at all? Absolutely!
Sick of Spring Fever? We have just the thing 🙂

The pharmaceutical companies need big money to stay afloat and advertise themselves. Juicing and other natural cures to illnesses are the biggest threat to their well being. That’s why they do all they can to ignore  all cures they can’t patent or make money off of. So how do we get back at them? By juicing!

Diseases are not impossible to cure
Our body and mind were designed to heal it’s self, in most cases it takes time but wouldn’t you want to assist the healing process rather than slow it down? This is where juicing comes to play, we eat so much processed foods that most of our illnesses are because of such diet. There is a reason we are both herbivores and carnivores, the right balance is the key to everything in life, eating meats and veggies within a equilibrium. But spring fever, is a killer. Most if not all feel as if they have barely enough energy to wake up, let alone get out of bed! Here are three simple spring fever juicing recipes that will bring you back to present!



Need that extra push? Don’t drink coffee, Drink springy! A careful selection of the right vegetables to make you jump out of your skin!

2 small bunch spinach
2 small bunch dandelion greens
¼ cup romaine lettuce
1/8 cup chopped sprouts (your choice of sprout)
¼ lemon
½ medium cucumber
4 oz. of coconut water

Dazzling Melon

Melons are Delicious and Very Hydrating. The warm weather is among us! Take a sip of dazzling Melon to pull yourself away from the barbaric heat!

1/4 cantaloupe
1/4 orange
1 small carrot
3 oz. of coconut milk

Feel free to substitute the orange with 1/8 of lemon if you prefer a more sensational citrus taste!

The ginger Crisp

A dab of sparkling water with a touch of ginger with an apple twist, helps boost your immune system and aids with digestion.

¾ sweet red apple (we recommend Empire or Fuji)
1 large chunk of ginger
fill to top of your cup with carbonated sparkling water

Have any spring fever juicing suggestions? Then contact us with your recipes and tips!


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