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Juicing Responsibly

By on 07/30/2013

As our first post, we wanted to focus on a key subject that I believe is important. Juicing Responsibly! Everyone wants to become smarter, thinner and more beautiful in a cinch, but most don’t have the patience to wait. When you take that into consideration that generally equates to a bad choice, especially when it comes to juicing. Imagine taking jet fuel and pouring it into your car’s gas tank, would it run? No, it generally ends up destroying your engine, the same can be said about juicing. Juicing is great, amazing to partake in, and will result in weight loss and energy, but “Too much of a good thing” can make you sick.

Juicing is meant to detoxify your body; vegetables are perfect for this cause as they have an alkalizing effect, on the other hand, most natural toxins found in vegetables are acidic. Harnessing the power of the sun does come at a cost, vegetables unless organic are usually exposed to pesticides and fertilizers. We believe that most of these environmental toxins just disappear once we wash our veggies, but that’s not necessarily true. One thing you can do to combat veggies exposed to pesticides and fertilizers is to

Buy organic


Wash them using soap, the FDA Isn’t currently recommending using soap or detergents to clean your fruits and vegetables however some health food stores sell food-safe cleaners to remove these toxins.

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