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Juicing Responsibly

By on 07/30/2013

To be able to get a glass full of juice you need at least a pound a produce in some cases even more, since you’re consuming a larger than normal amount it’s good to make sure they are ripe and fresh as. When you juice with moderation with a well balanced diet, Usually you don’t run into a problem.

There  is a lot of infomercials and other promotional items on juicing, that are  designed with the sole intent to sell juicers. Instead of giving you the truth about juicing they sell you a dream, what is the truth you ask? Juicing is boring and dull, sometimes even hard work. It is recommended to clean your juicer after every run and most people begin juicing the same way they drink store bought juice. The reason you are able to drink store bought juice in a flash, is well because it has been processed beyond recognition. Ever take a look at the back of a bottle of what you’re drinking? I’ve seen bottle that had words I wasn’t able to pronounce, so with this in mind consume with moderation. 400ml’s divided throughout the day, 100ml per consumption. Do this at least for 3 days, Your drinking concentrated nutrition 500ml of something that wasn’t processed and natural is good for your body, but not good for a body that is not accustomed to drinking such natural drink. Overwhelming your body with nutrition isn’t good either so Moderation should be a keyword for people that are starting out.

Your body gives you the signals you need, for example drinking too much wheat-grass or Kale for the first time generally results a mean headache. This is your body telling you that the quantity you consumed was too much and to ease off the juice. Try to experience the positive sides of juicing, not the negative.

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