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Sex and Juicing

By on 10/06/2015

How to Get Those Juices Flowing- Literally and … er, Sexually

How sex and juicing can help you lead a better life!

How sex and juicing can help you lead a better life!

Juicing, for all its aura of purity, can be a provocative and chaotic topic, quickly whipping up storms of righteousness within the passionate (and vocal) community of holistic nutrition. So we’re gonna stay out of that drama and focus instead on the sexier aspect of juicing- because while juicing brings to mind images of obnoxious beings who quite frankly seem lacking in the sex department, there are those who understand the trend for what it is: a supplement hack. That’s right, juicing is a way to supplement your diet (not replace it) and as we all know, supplements can be very… invigorating. Sex is a sensational experience; it literally involves all the senses. It is physical, it is visual, and it is flavorful (if that grossed you out, then you should really start juicing, man). And yes, you can absolutely juice your way to a better sexual experience and here is how:


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