Tinkering with the T-fal ZE5813US:The Juiceful Review

T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor

By on 11/02/2015

This is simply the most underrated juicer on the market. No one is showing it any love we at Juiceful decided it was time to change that and shine a light on this small but powerful T-fal juicer! One of our users emailed us the other day and I asked her to give me a sentence on what she felt about this juicer, she replied by saying “I love this thing, great value for the price.”.  Let us know what you think about review we conducted and if you own own of these models give us a shout-out and let us know what you think!

Human beings also want to and need to stay healthy to carry out their respective duties. In recent times, huge numbers of health issues are getting created each day, so to keep you healthy is not easy these days. You can surely approach the doctor and take medication to remain healthy but choosing the artificial way is not correct. Medication may lead to hazardous ill effects in the future.  So, the best way is to stay natural, that is, take healthy good food containing vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. For vitamins, you can have fruits. But no one has that time to prepare it to eat it ad then have it. So, having fruit juice is the best and quickest way. For preparing a juice you would require a juicer and at present T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor is the best.

A little about the Product

As the product name suggests, this product is a food juicer. It has a very powerful motor of 500-watt power. It also has the very fine mesh made of stainless steel which extracts most of the juice from the fruits and vegetables. T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor also includes a feature which is known as anti-drip spout which prevents spilling of residue or juice on the counter. A pitcher which is quite large stores the juice and it also has a foam separator to eliminate the foam created. The juicer provides the scope of producing juice of a large variety of fruits and veggies and you don’t have to change any container for that.

Product’s Exciting Features

T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor offers many advanced and cool features. Some of which are – It has a very powerful 500 watt motor, it has an anti drip spout technology, a metal arm enables you to lock the container and storing flask tightly, it also has an integrated container of capacity of 3 liters, a stainless steel filter, and a pitcher with a capacity of 1.25 liter with foam separator technology also.

Plus Points of the Product

The product has many plus points or advantages which makes it better than other juice makers. Here are some of the plus points of the products – It’s installation as well as its un-installation is very easy, the parts which are plastic made can be cleaned easily using dishwasher and a cleaning brush is provided with the stainless steel filter to clean it, the feed container or tube is quite wide so some large fruits and veggies can be inserted into it, a powerful motor enables it to extract juice in a very small time, it also come with a 1 year warranty.


Every product has to have some disadvantages as nothing is perfect in this world. This juice extractor also has some drawbacks like – even though it has an anti-drip spout, still spilling takes place and the instructions which are given with the product are not at all user friendly.

Final Verdict

T-fal ZE5813US Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor is an advanced and powerful juicer maker. Its plus points over power the drawbacks; hence I would definitely recommend you to give it a shot as you won’t be disappointed.

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