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Ten ways Juicing Can Help You Live to 100

By on 05/08/2014
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Everyone wants to live longer, juicing promotes vitality in many folks! Unless your were able to find the hidden fountain of Youth, Stick to juicing.  There are various ways juicing can help you to live longer
10 Ways Juicing Can Help You to Live to 100

If you think that juicing is the latest craze because of the number of infomercials that play on a regular basis, think again. Juicing fruits and vegetables has been around in some form since 1700 B.C. In more recent years, a German scientist named Max Gerson created an institute dedicated to diets rich in raw fruits and vegetables. The 1930s brought the Norwalk Juicer developed by juicing advocate Norman Walker. Other innovators who recognized the benefits of juicing before their time include Dr. Bernard Jensen in the 60s, television exercise fanatic Jack Lalanne promoted juicing in the 70s, and Jay Kordich kept the juicing benefits rolling through the 90s.

Juicing is not a flash in the pan and has long been a main ingredient in creating long health patterns resulting in anti-aging benefits. Here are some ways that juicing can help you live to 100.

  1. It can help you lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight range for your age and size. Don’t look to juicing to help you lose weight fast. It is not a crash diet but it is a way to lose weight through the introduction of healthier eating habits. Maintaining a regular routine of fresh fruits and vegetables helps keep your eating habits stable so you don’t experience the usual binges or splurges that cause yo-yo dieting patterns.

  1. Juicing helps people who don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables add them to their menu on a daily basis. One of the main components of any solid healthy diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. There are many people who find this a difficult task to commit to. Given the chance to sip their fruits and veggies through juicing, they are able to easily add them to their daily regime. 

  1. Your immune system will improve and become much stronger. Different fruits and vegetables have their own powerful benefits. For many of them they help to build up your immune system. When your immune system becomes strong it is able to withstand every little cold or flu strain that comes around. Building a resistance to these illnesses naturally makes your body strong on its own without having to succumb to the newest antibiotics on the market.

  1. You’ll be able to reverse type 2 diabetes and prevent pre-diabetes before you even get it. When you find yourself eating less and less processed sugary foods your glucose levels will begin to return to normal. Juicing gives you the natural sweetness of fresh fruits without any of the quick sugar highs that will spike your blood sugar levels then leave you crashed out.

  1. Juicing is a simple way to cleanse the toxins from your body. Many people like to give their body a 24-hour juice cleanse to remove the toxins they have been consuming for such a long time. It’s simple to do and still provides your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy while eliminating the bad food choices of the recent past.

  1. The anti-oxidant qualities of fresh fruits and vegetables help prevent getting cancer. One of the main qualities that most fruits and vegetables have in common is they have strong anti-oxidant qualities. They help keep free radicals from going after mutant cells causing them to break away and create a climate for cancerous growth.

  1. You can safely bring your high blood pressure readings under control. One of the long health benefits of juicing is that it can naturally bring your blood pressure readings under control. You can take medication to keep your blood sugar under control but juicing does it through nature’s bounty. If your blood pressure remains steady and no longer puts unnecessary strain on your heart you have a much better chance of living to be 100.

  1. It can help to bring your cholesterol readings into their suggested range. High cholesterol readings are what many call a silent killer. By the time you find out that you have high cholesterol or that your arteries may be clogged they already are. There are very few symptoms to warn you in advance. Keeping your cholesterol readings in the correct range will help prevent clogged arteries and the chance for cardiac problems in the future. Heart attacks can come on without warning and for many people there is no second chance. If you just use juicing to keep your hearth healthy you’ll be saving your own life.

  1. Increased energy levels keep you moving more and keep your circulation at an optimum level. When you read many before and after stories of people who changed their lives they started out slowly. Many people who couldn’t even walk around the block in the beginning progressed to walking, jogging, and then into running. Many have even surprised themselves by going from couch potato to entering their very first marathon.

  1. Staying healthy improves your serotonin levels and eliminates bouts of depression negative thinking. If you have ever read an article about someone who lived to be 100, you’ll almost always find that they didn’t sweat the small stuff. When your health is under control and you are not experiencing the highs and lows of eating highly processed foods, your serotonin levels are even and you naturally feel great. Runners experience a natural high that keeps them returning to the track every day.

Juicing has many long health benefits that can help you live to the ripe old age of 100. Dr. Walker who started juicing in the 1930s lived to be 118. Famous health and fitness advocate Jack Lalanne promoted juicing all the way up to his death at 96. At the age of 70, Lalanne towed 70 boats while handcuffed and fighting strong winds.

Whatever is said about juicing, the truth is you can’t argue with success. When was the last time you saw a junk food fanatic tow 70 boats on their 70th birthday? And not one of those articles that tell the secrets of the gentleman celebrating his 100th birthday mention chips, dips, cookies, cakes, or soda.

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