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Various Juicing Recipes

By on 10/29/2015

Try Different Combinations: 

One of the great things about juicing recipes is that the sky is really the limit as to what you can do. You can create any combination of vegetables and fruit that tastes good to you and use it as part of your everyday routine. You do not have to be an expert or a chef to come up with interesting and tasty concoctions for yourself; many of the best juicing recipes that you are likely to come across actually make use of very few ingredients, so you can get great flavor out of a juice with just a handful of items that you may have around all the time already.

If you are completely new to juicing and are not sure where the best place is to start for yourself, you can start by making use of some classic, basic recipes to get you going. One of the favorite ingredients among many who use various juicing recipes is to make use of leafy green vegetables. These vegetables are often seen as some of the healthiest available and are full of great vitamins and minerals that can be great for you to take in. One of the easiest recipes for you to use involves just a few ingredients for your juice:

The Green Monster:

  1. 2 celery stalks
  2. Parsley (a handful is plenty)
  3. 3 carrots
  4. 4 spinach leaves (or other leafy green, such as kale)

Just using these four ingredients in your juice can produce a great green juice for yourself that is packed with vitamins. You can even put in some apple instead of the carrot is you prefer to have something that is just a little bit sweeter for your particular tastes.

green juice

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